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Disgruntled Dicussions Pod Cast *language alert*

It has been a while since our last post, and we sincerely apologize to all of you for the lack of updates and communication. There has been a lot in the works, including a podcast radio appearance on the Disgruntled Veterans Radio- Disgruntled Discussions podcast. Please click the link below to listen in. I was brought in during the second half, so if you'd like to skip ahead please feel free. We will be updating more frequently as the date for the start of Expedition You Are Not Alone draws closer.Let us know what you think in the comments below.  Like and share our page with your friends and check out the resources for your military family in the blog with the hyperlink in the upper left hand corner.

Exploring The Outdoors

For my peers and myself the natural world is inviting and exciting. We have the ability to push our limits and surpass the limitations of what we thought we were capable of. Maybe it's spending an extra night at a campsite, or hiking an additional mile. Progress is made by going pushing past our comfort zones, and stepping into a new level of self understanding and perhaps even a new level of self appreciation. When we can see ourselves in a new light then we can see how to better treat ourselves. Maybe next time we won't drink that soda because we want a full nights rest to be able to feel energized to hike a newly discovered trail. Perhaps we'll stop consuming harmful products and take better care of ourselves so we can fully envelop ourselves into an experience that we once weren't  capable of enjoying as much because our mental and physical status was thwarted by junk.
For Some people getting out and exploring can be as simple as just going for a walk in a new sp…