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Donation Update

We're working on updating the blog on a more regular basis to bring to you the most up to date coverage on military resources, and how these are progressing. Firstly I'd like to share all the donation pages we are working on, why we have so many, and how and who they affect.

First is the direct Go fund me
The money donated here goes directly to me and helps me pay for gear and supplies before the expedition, as well as keep me alive during the expedition to pay for food and in the event of severe weather a hotel/ hostile. I have already spent close to $35,000 out of pocket to fund this expedition between training, gear, and travel. It is becoming too much for me to handle on my own and I am asking for help to get the rest of the gear and to make sure I am going to be sustainable during the trip.

Second is for the DAV Chapter 16
This is my local Disabled American Veterans Chapter. A local 501(c)3 charity in Prescott, Arizona. They help Veterans who suffer from any disability fi…