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What Does It Mean to Explore?

There are many reasons to want to Explore. For some it's to get out and just find some place new to themselves, or to the world. To others it's a path of self discovery and understanding. For me well, that's a tough one. I explore the world because I fear exploring myself, but every time I go exploring I end up exploring myself. Does this make sense? Exploring for me is a distraction that becomes the focus. To get some where you've never been, you'll have to do something you've never done.  In order to achieve this I must place myself where these situations are at the forefront. Physically I want to be stronger, mentally I want to be tougher, and emotionally I want to be more balanced. Climbing and mountaineering are the epitome of this awakening. You must have the physical ability to carry heavy loads and move your body weight. You must endure mental torture by being placed in very intimidating and unnerving circumstances. Hanging from a rope inside a Crevasse…