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packing for the Cascades

When I'm packing for a trip it's important for me to prioritize. I start by organizing my shelter(s). For this trip I need a few different shelter systems. I always carry my Zirkel UL- It's light, packable, and extremely comfortable. I also carry my Q-Core sleeping pad, and the Bedroll. What's going to be switching out is the Bivy, the Rattle Snake, and the Battle Mountain. I like using the Bivy for quick naps at altitude, and the Rattle Snake works great as a day use tent, and for quick overnight trips. The Battle mountain is an expedition type tent, that is primarily used high altitudes, and extreme winds.
 The second items I pack are my clothing. I sort them out according to layers. since I'm already wearing my base layer, I just need to prep for the condition at hand. From Left to right I have my soft shell layers, then my insulating layers plus a down parka, and on the right are my hard shell layers. These can easily be swapped out depending on my body's …